Drink menu

Here you can find our drinks menu, with a wide range of cocktails, gin tonics and beers that are all truly delicious and perfect for your night out.

A characaristic Chardonnay from the Loire – France with a typical ‘buttery’ after taste

A dry, fresh and very lively white wine with a Sauvignon Blanc character

A fresh and fruity white wine from the north of Italy made from ‘Pinot Grigio’ grapes

A sweet but very fresh German wine, light coloured, very lively, with a scent of fresh fruit

The Syrah wine, produced in the South of France which is very deep rose coloured, refreshing and a slightly fruity

This rose from the Loire region with a New Zealand twist, a pure and refreshing Kiwi style is an inspiration to this rose!

Merlot from France, very flexibel and fruity. A very nice structure with soft tannines

El Circo Director tempranillo

A very powerful and ‘wood-bearing’ red wine from Spain. You will find tones of vanilla, herbs and full fruits. The grapes that are used are blends of the Garnache Nero and Carinena

La Gioiosa Frizzante is a Italian sparkling white wine. Lots of white fruit like pear, Apple and citrus

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