Walking dinner

Walking dinner (only on reservation with a minimum of 8 people)

A “walking dinner” is a dinner where you do not only sit but also have the option to stand. An ideal way to dine with a larger group since you don’t want to sit still with our live music.
You will be served all kinds of delicious dishes throughout the evening. The pleasant thing about a walking dinner is that you are not tied to a particular seat. It is a perfect way to enjoy, in an informal way, within a larger group of smaller dishes that are presented in all kinds of different ways.

At Live Amsterdam you can choose from a 4-course or 5-course Walking Dinner menu. Where you can choose from the dishes below.
4 dishes 24.50, –
5 dishes 29.50, –

Walking dinner menu
Buratta with pesto and pine nuts
Carpaccio with capers and parmesan
Meatballs in tomato sauce and bread
Smoked salmon with lime mayonnaise and aioli
Caeser salad with croutons and parmesan
Chinese Tomato Soup With Chicken
Beef stew with bell peppers and peas
Chicken wraps with chili sauce
Mini chicken satay with satay sauce and atjar
Steak tartare
Steak with fig compote and toast
Brownie with whipped cream
Fresh fruit with ice cream and whipped cream

Choice of Appetizer
Smoked salmon with toast and lime mayonnaise
Risotto with mushrooms

Choice of main course
Steak with pepper sauce or red wine sauce
Salmon with red pesto and green asparagus
Chicken from the grill with Moroccan herbs

All the main courses will be served with fries and salad

Choice of dessert
Fresh fruit with ice cream and whipped cream

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